Barocco Paraiso Escondido

Barocco Paraiso Escondido is Spanish and means Hidden Paradise Stables. We're not exactly hidden but we do have a paradise feel to our place. Our headquarters are located just outside of Barcelona, Spain in Europe and we have our horses compete worldwide.

Barocco Paraiso Escondido, or BP as our prefix is, was founded in late 2012 and we are focused and dedicated to show and breed the best of the best in baroque and saddleseat breeds (except Arabians which live at our sister stable Al-Shama Stables). We have mainly Friesians, Andalusians, PRE's and Lusitanos for baroques, and for saddleseat breeds we also have a little more uncommon breeds such as Tennessee Walker Horses and Missouri Fox Trotters. We also have the more regular Morgans.

Important Updates

January 19, 2013
Gotten a new layout

January 22, 2013
Started adding horse pages